4 Types of Fencing That Montana Ranchers Love

Fences are an essential feature on Montana ranches all across the state, and local ranchers know this. With a good fence, you can take better control of your land and create systems that support your business practices. Whether you’re focused on sustainable living or looking to feed America, a good fence or two can help you to reach your goals. In this post, we’re going to discuss the 4 most popular types of fences—and why Montana ranchers love them so much.

Pipe Fencing

This classic type of fencing is a fan favorite that ranchers in Montana have been relying on for quite some time. Easy to install and surprisingly durable, many local ranchers find that this is their go-to for all of their fencing needs.

Pipe fencing is incredible for keeping livestock in or out of an area. Many ranchers rely on it to organize the animals on their property and keep them safe when they need to. Animals can still see the world around them, but they can’t wander off.

Even better than its functionality is its price. Pipe fencing is notoriously cheap, making it a great option for Montana ranchers that are working on a budget. If you are looking at investing in a lot of fencing or you just want to keep costs low, pipe fencing is a great choice.

Barbed Wire Fencing

The barbed wire fence is a classic feature on ranches all around the United States. Known for its barbed appearance, which can be a wonderful deterrent, this type of fencing can help you to keep order and security on your property.

Barbed wire fencing is useful for both managing livestock and maintaining security. This material is sharp enough to deter trespassing without causing extreme harm to the animals on your property. For ranchers that are managing large amounts of land and letting animals freely travel around it, this fencing can help to keep animals safe.

On the other hand, barbed wire fencing can also keep your property and your family safe. Particularly helpful near high-traffic areas, barbed wire fencing is a great barrier to help define your property and keep others off of it.

Electric Fencing

An electric fence can be a wonderful tool in helping to support the livestock on your property. Using this material, Montana ranchers can create clear borders and determine where their livestock will go. Many consider electric fencing to be a more humane approach to keeping livestock contained while on a property.

Choosing an electric fence can also keep your livestock safe by deterring trespassers and dangerous predators. This type of fence offers a quick and effective shock that will help you to keep control over your property. It is a barrier that has some truly impressive results. 

Woven Wire Fencing

Woven wire fencing is not the most common type of fencing around, but it can serve a wonderful purpose on a ranch. This approach to fencing can offer a little more privacy than others by creating more of a mesh-like appearance on your property. This material can be a wonderful deterrent and keep livestock in check. However, it does need to be properly installed and maintained to ensure long-term effectiveness. 

The Takeaway

The fences on your property can have a wonderful impact on the safety and security of your property. Whether you are organizing livestock, protecting against natural predators, or you just want to keep your property secure, a good fence will help you to meet this goal. With so many fencing options on the market, Montana ranchers can easily keep their property in order whether they’re living in Big Timber or Townsend. To learn more about fencing options and how we can help you with expert installation, contact us today to get started.