Split-Rail Fences

Split-Rail Fences: What You Need to Know

Fences play a valuable role in the security and aesthetics of a property. For a ranch in Montana, you would be hard-pressed to find a more important property feature. A fence can help to mark property lines, designate a specific space on your property, and even maintain livestock—and few are more notable than the classic split-rail fence. Let’s take a deep dive into these fences and why they are seen on ranches all around Montana. 

What is a Split-Rail Fence?

A split-rail fence is a specific type of fence that is very simple in design, but it can still serve a great purpose. These fences are often used to mark the edges of a property, and they can add a really nice appearance to your Montana ranch. With a simple design and a reliable build, they can help you to make your property look better and operate better too.

Why Do Ranchers Love Split-Rail Fences?

Ranchers have used split-rail fences for ages, and it is fairly easy to understand why. Their design makes them look great on most properties. Even better, their incredibly simplistic design allows you to cut down on the costs that are typically associated with fencing. These fences serve a variety of purposes—and they look great too!

Investing in Custom Fencing

Every split-rail fence is a custom fence, but you want one that looks nice and serves its purpose. Building a custom split-rail fence is something that you can choose to do on your own, but the best results come from working with fence experts. Split-rail fence installation crews can help you to ensure that your fence design will meet the needs that you have on your ranch. From making basic pens to marking your property lines, a split-rail fence is a wonderful property feature.

How We Can Help

You need experts that know how to build split-rail fences that will last the ages. This comes down to build strength and design—and at Montana Ranch & Land Improvement Service, we believe in giving you the best of both. Our experts are ready to help you to make a fence that will meet all of your needs, whether it is keeping animals safe or people off of your property. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your ranch!